Some women and couples asked me in chat or mail if their sexual life will be safe after hard fisting! well.. difficult to explain how fucking can be in words if you’re a girl into extreme penetrations like me! :)

so i decided to give you all an evidence of what are my fucking moment with a guy :)

…the guy must be ready to use his body to satisfy me… :)

you will probably will not believe to your eyes because you will see things that are not even mentioned by fantastic story tellers… :)

in the video you can see ( some for the first time absolutely in a public video!!!) :

- balls inside…. – balls inside with cock together… (but not enough for me!!!)… – balls inside with cock together and fist at same time (!) – hard pussy fucking with fist in pussy! – hard fist fucking with fuck in ass…. – pussy double fisting (obviously :) ) – anal fisting and vaginal fisting at same time… – doggy style fistfucking and cock in pussy at same time – lot’s of hard gape (my best anal gape ever)

well…. in this 20 minutes i could keep going to tell you whats is included… but it’s long :)

ahhh…i forgot to say! for the first time on your screens you will see me doing nice blow job…. continued in a complete deepthroat and in the end a nice cumshot in my mouth and on my face….i wonder if you will enjoy how i sweetly tasted all this :)

P.S. i am proud to introduce you the new porn category!!!!! :) let’s name it: balls fist fucking :) :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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50 thoughts on “you can imagine an IMPOSSIBLE way to fuck!? look here!

  1. It’s not the most impossible way to fuck Me and my wife do that all the time We are trying to do that anal(jerkink myself off inside her ass and she fisting her cunt) Is that something for you?

    • Watch the movie before to say:) wish to know if she can take fist ,cock and both balls at same time…. and a fist in ass while u fist her :)

          • I will send you a picture. Our goal is to wreck and fist my wife’s holes harder than dirtygardengirl(without prolapse we don’t like that) and find a way to make her holen even bigger What are yours?

          • I will appreciate! my goal is the most intense pleasure… and in my experience i reach when i push my limits in depth and width… to have loose holes is a direct consequence of this vicious :)

  2. tonight she wants to go to sleep with same speculum you have in her ass again so she can put her and my fist in her ass You can try that and you will see that your ass can easily take everything

    • thanks :) please give me feedbacks on this movie because i really was in doubt to propose something like this!….it’s the way i fuck with a guy.. but… i don’t know if all like to watch :)

      • It was really amazing! Loved the double fisting off ass and pussy together. I have no idea what this feels like for you, but I would love to please you that way! Great blowjob, you really love it deep in every way (and hole)!

  3. Wonderful, I was expecting to see something. With a guy does not have enough. Now I hope you eat the pussy and ass with your girlfriends. What other extreme practices you like and we have not seen? Sometimes I do not understand you say “is not extreme enough” I agree with dieterhann79, the other site are softcore.

      • mmhh how to explain? I do not think people can feel disappointed that your videos are not too extreme. You always want to show more and more and it’s great. Not if you understand? And do not think you should feel bad about that.

  4. :) ..very very intense It’s strange seeing you have “normal sex” with your man without your usual dildos … but I really liked seeing you suck cock until cum … I really enjoyed, sometimes a variant is more exciting than usual extreme..:) hope see U in a fisting gangbang with 3-4 man… and see U sucking cocks and became fisted in same time ;) Grazie della sorpresina ;)


  5. Besides, (not sure if it is appropriate here). Your baby will soon meet one year. And I would like something special …. mmmh a Game, or similar? And also a special post with your impressions after a year, doubts, experiences ….. tell us what you want. I want to encourage people to participate more in this blog, and suggestions, opinions, after 1 year.

  6. New camera would be nice Paris ball. Only bigger ball, which expands outwards. I have a family at home, Unfortunately, donations until September. I hope before many of these good video.

  7. Nice! Your last video had Juliette going nearly elbow-deep in your vagina, could we get a video of that with something in your ass at the same time?

  8. Wow! You are awesome veneisse. In last video juliette fisted you really deep. Will it be possible for her to raise your belly from inside? I think that would be the most amazing thing ever.

  9. It is difficult to understand. Since vagina is above the ass. And i have seen videos where girl’s belly is raised through anal fisting. But personally i am not an anal lover. Nevermind. Can i ask you another question? Have you ever tried cervix insertion?

    • we’re not the same! i am deep in a direction… and very deep in that direction. some girl doing fisting by much less deep fisting can show light belly fisting.. depends on body! other girls very extreme in anal are not even able to take one fist in pussy! :)

  10. Hi Veneisse, I knew you would be very good with your mouth, too :-)

    How about showing us your blowjob skills with some dildos? Would you like to show off for us that way?

    You are awesome, whatever you do :-)

  11. Hi Ven, thats what i wanted to give to you.As always your Videos are great.

    i would love to see how you completely swallow some stuff with your pussy,and suck it slowly in the deep darkness with your pussymuscles(pussy control).

    Sincerelly yours


  12. Ciao Veneisse, sei una grande! You’re great! I think “put inside also the balls” was a “kind to tell”, but you made REAL this, and with hand! I looked a thousands of scenes in every way, but never like this! Very good and my compliments ;-)

  13. Your pics and videos are amazing and so are you!! So beautiful and kinky!! Here are some ideas for you: lesbo 3 some, strap on sex with a hot lady and urethra stretching using urethra dilators. Sound interesting?

  14. I just got the idea when I saw the video, I never thought about it but it may be posible with you. I just imagine masturbating the cock inside your pussy, all inside, hand cock and bowls, while fisting the ass, or even a huge fat dildo in the ass!

  15. I can do exatly this with my girlfriend. Wank my cock while it is in her pussy is amazing. But we love when i come in her pussy and press my cock on her cervix with my hand. She loves it :) You are amazing Veneisse :)

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