Well friends… i could say a milion of words to explain why i was so long far from videos… I hope all of you can understand that sometime there are personal things more important then rest!!!!

I am not professional , so i had to other important things of my life!

But now i am back :) and i need large things inside me even more!

So enjoy this new video and tell me what you think!

Kisses to all, Veneisse


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96 thoughts on “Yes… i am back! and i want fists even more :)

  1. Great to finally have you back ! I missed all your fisting and stretching, I was hoping your pussy did not get back to normal, but with the New picture you prove that your hole is still huge stretchable and ruined as we all love it !!are you now planning to do more fisting and stretching and do you plan to stretch out your sweet fisthole even more than in the past ?

      • With the New Material you proved it, really great to see two fists in your hole again ! Your huge hole just looks so inviting ! are you planning to involve another fistable girl ? What about a second cunt that is trying to compete with you ?

          • spero di rivederti insieme a HotKinkyJo. voi due siete di una categoria fuori dal mondo rispetto a tutte le altre. lei per profondità, tu per larghezza. (anzi, spero di vederti con 4 mani dentro, prima o poi)

  2. So glad to see you back!

    The internet hasnt been the same without you here…I love your new look and im so looking forward to seeing all your new content :)

  3. You are back and you make my day :-) You want fists even more… so you make my day even more :-)

    I miss U ! I know that you will be very beautiful as always ! Welcome back on the web !

    You need large things inside you even more ! Yeeeees ;-) You are so cute with your pussy wide stretched :-)


  4. Welcome back, Veneisse. The internet hasn’t been the same since you left.

    I hope you are doing great and that life over the past couple years has been treating you well.

  5. Hello Veneissse

    nice to hear from you again / seen – welcome back

    your private life has priority , that´s right and I hope that you have reached your to do´s (Study / occupation etc)

    so i like, to hear new´s from you, said pleased as well as / and, to see

    go forward and take time you need ,,,,

    so long

    Thomas (f-lover)

  6. Good to see you back, I can’t wait to see what naughty things you will do to yourself for us. I especially love it when you start with something already tucked deep in your pussy and have to remove it first before you start with the new fun. Just out of curiosity how long was the longest time you left an object in your pussy and went about your business with it inserted.

    • never more then a full day cause i need to wash :) but if don’t consider this little pause… somwtime happened to use more then a week :)

  7. Veneisse, I’m very happy that you’re back !!! You look gorgeous, and I like your new haircut, though before you too blonde looked super too!

    I knew you’d come back, because you like to get extreme pleasure and communicate with other people and understand their secret desires !!

    You’re back with your boyfriend, it’s cool. During the time while you were away, you continued to expand you ass in width and length? How soon and often we can see the new video on the site?

    With admiration! Very worried about you!

    • As u know i don’t prepare videos in advance… and never shot when i’m not in mood…anywway cause are nice days here i think this weekend i will shoot :)

      • I’m really looking forward to your new video works!

        I recently watched your video in 2013, where you with guy made a very exciting and beautiful video with a deep oral sex, fisting with penis-balls, fisting + penis in the ass and in the final flooded by sperm face.

        Will there be more similar video?

  8. Veneisse , I read a comment about leaving an object in her pussy at the beginning of the video. ours would be amazing even . leave a large object and walk dressed and then get undressed and have that surprise inside pussy would be fantastic. suggestion of his fan number 1. I love you

  9. I wanted to just become a member as you went away, but never forgot you. Your a beautiful woman! Maybe if some nice new footage is coming to your site, i like to become a member anyway, i liked how it looked in a lot of your public movie samples! that was so hot!

  10. Lucky to have you back…. We are missing the simplicity and lightness you have on doing these extreme stretching! Have some training and I wish you could get to new incredible limit….the sky is yours.

  11. Hi veneisse, i am happy that you come back, i want tell you if you can insert full arm in your pussy and in your ass, like as hotkinkijo, also a long dildo… And when you post other videos? We are impatient..! I like also your videos when you talk also in italian! Its very very exciting! Bye !

  12. Miss veneisse, you finally appeared, so long without your news, I am so worried about you, about you, I often see your web page is updated, but a time of disappointment,, I like you very much, like your elegant temperament, like you to pursue the true my character, you have become the shadow of my life, from time to time will think of you. I desire to communicate with you, eager to communicate with you… At the same time, I hope you can make a better work. Finally, would you please give me a contact? Mail or other.

  13. Would like to make some suggestions, you can use the same two length of the toy, one after the erection, the back of the inserted into the front of the body outside, so that the words can be compared to observe the depth of entry.

  14. Thank you so much for coming back ! I always checked your website hoping to see new content ! Im glad you decided to return! We missed you a bunch

  15. I am speaking for everyone when i say we all want to see you just focus on stretching your amazing pussy. Huge plugs and inflatables, sleeping with huge toys in, fisting, and walking in public with huge toys hidden inside you. If you do this your subscribers will skyrocket

  16. Hello to both of you :) I’m so happy that you are back! *hugs* and i really like the new update Veneisse! I must say that you are such a tough girl…. Your boyfriend is with both hands deep inside your pussy and you still got the whole situation under control. You have become even more beautiful and feminine. I hope to see much more of your skills in future. What are your coming plans? Oh Veneisse, by the way! Was that incredible deep fisting (I guess 30cm!?) not very painful ?

  17. Thank you so much for coming back. My husband and I love watching your videos. You have had a direct effect on my desire to expand myself to take larger and larger objects as well as my husbands desire to do it TO me!!! Thank you! All women should go down this path at least for a while to see if they like it. I know most will and never look back.

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