Hi !!!! After some research i did to help Veronica about new toy’s challenges… i found pictures that better show the speculum we all would like to see on her! :)

I promise that if someone help to find EXACTLY this one to buy, i personally use on her :D

Pictures are taken from a post on Surfoo but i don’t know original owner so i can’t credit!




66 thoughts on “Xo Speculum for Veronica! :)

    • about gape i will do more and more… :) i start to enojy doing it and i already have some nice shot i will post when i feel :) about your content… you should contact me personally if you want (msn or skype)… this is not a sharing forum but let me check and i will tell you my opinion :)

    • not always… ! i blocked only one message offending David and another one with other links about toys after i said to all guys that i didn’t want to keep posting milions of link about toys :) kisses….

  1. Hey V, have you had any luck in finding one of those XO specula/i. (I assume it’s the same type that’s used by KinkyJo.) I’d be very interested in getting one of these for myself as well. So, if you happen to know where to get one, please let us know. ;-)

  2. Speaking of speculums…

    Another speculum you could use is the “Rectal Spreader GIANT”. http://www.meo.de/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=160_158&products_id=5462

    (It says [rectal], but thats not what I’m thinking of.) This is a normal size speculum BUT that has a very small mechanism sticking out. That means you can use it under a skirt or dress without it being visible under the clothes – spreading your pussy wide open when you go outside – to a restaurant or something. ;-)

    …but maybe you should wait till the summer. ;-)

  3. I recently found a Sakurai Speculum on eBay, advertised as “Sakuras Speculum”. I paid $30.00 USD which I thought was a good price. When it arrived I was disappointed to discover it was much smaller than the “XO” speculum photos. Mine is stamped “13″. I hope to find the “XO” some day, or at least something bigger than what I now have.

  4. I got my XO Speculum from ebay (posted the link here). Hopefully Veneisse bought one too. It feels fantastic.

    Lovely Regards, Maxine

  5. Hello Veneisse. You are by far my sexy superstar. I bought the Gynamed Sakurai XO speculum directly from Gynamed. I emailed them and got a response from the sales manager and he sent me an invoice through paypal for $130. Thats $80 for the speculum and $50 freight to the US. I’m a male and not gay but love to do anal stretching myself. Love your site and you. xoxo

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