As i said.. world is not enough… so after days and walking with giant ball inside , drawn by earth on it!!!…. at home i felt the wish to add fists and toys to the game! :) after? not… in while i had big ball inside i started to fist me, anal fist me and push toys deep in ass… but all this pleasure have a price!!! :9 IT WAS SO HARD TO PUSH IT AWAY! the ball was so deep in me that it needed hours to put it out! And you can enjoy some part of this time (all was too much!)… and to realx and end this crazy moments i had final pleasure playing hand in my sweet ass :) ENJOY ALL!!!!!

Kisses, Veneisse


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22 thoughts on “world is not enough…. let’s add something! :)

  1. So super sexy as always. It’s sooo hot when both your holes are filled like that and your moaning is sooo nice you just seem to genuinely loooooove it :D and when its stuck and won’t come out omg Veneisse are you trying to break yourself? Don’t split yourself in half please lol! I wondering if maybe some type of like skinny spatula or something might help to “lever” it out, if you slide it along the side? Buuuuut also i’m thinking well, you just like it when things get “stuck” anyway :) . And well yeah it IS so super sexy when you do imo. @ about 8:10s: Anyone can help you? EVERYONE wants to help you haha.The way you pushed it in and out when it finally started coming out and those pussy lips just shrinking then stretching over and over… just, perfect. So very pretty. Maybe next time you could try putting a globe of uranus in your anus? :D heh heh :P How many of us thought that same joke i wonder? And yeah fisting just your arse is lovely buuuut then your pussy seems so lonely! I’d like to see you with your pussy filled too. i hope one day you will show us what you look like when you have seriously body shaking orgasms. Something like this would be just lovely: its low quality because it’s actually from along time ago but im sure that gives you the idea.

  2. Gorgeous stuff! Also just saw you in ‘Pussy Acrobats’, amazing and very sexy! Did you have to go to America to make? Don’t do any porn unless it’s what you want to do, but good luck just the same!

  3. Veneisse !!! WOW!!!! I’m amazed at how hard it was your pussy!? Dimensions, more and more Fellow. !!! what diameter ball? But you can corrupt the vagina, acuratete be.! what will be next? if not a secret.

  4. Aha so large pussy, very fun. I love this video, would be fun to see her something as big as it, and have fun after with a small dick into this huge hole. Continu your work it s nice ! :)

  5. Great video ! so deep inside. And this is the first time I see you with the double headed dildo . Are you still trying to do deep anal ? Your gaping skills have also improved. I wish you do a special gaping movie very soon. Kisses

  6. Veneisse, Great video, you’re a magical girl, and now you have the whole world is not enough ))) You are independent and resourceful, you won the hearts of thousands of people across the globe and globe in you that confirms ;-)

    Waiting for new videos and I love when you play with both holes big toys and hands. Just like the new video bottle in your vagina, what about your ass, your ass can take that bottle or one of the big toys to shove alternately in both holes ???

  7. great video. thank. next time you play with the earth or some thing like it could you show you’re belly first and show about how deep it is befor you give birth to it.

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