Dildo Jolly Good Giant… stretch till 11 cm….!!

Price: 130.00€ (including shipping cost)

To contribute to this gift use the Gifts button and comment that it is for this :) i will update progress!

A new professional camera to make better videos! :)

Price: 779 €

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The depth probes! i really want to start to train deep in my ass!!

Price: 163€ (including shipping cost)

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Dildo Caterpillar…. the base is very interesting :)

Price: 106.96€

To contribute to this gift use the Gifts button and comment that it is for this :) i will update progress!

Dildo Jolly Good Giant… stretch till 11 cm….!!

Price: 75.92€ (including shipping cost)

To contribute to this gift use the Gifts button and comment that it is for this :) i will update progress!

173 thoughts on “Wish list

  1. You are the fucking queen of pussy stuffing. You will even beat those skanky old Florida women – Ty and DenniO, in a year or two if you keep stretching like this.

  2. Hi Veneisse, would you open a wish-list for members in which we can describe how we would like to see you…action, positions…Only for inspiration:) uncredible hompage!

  3. You are the most amazingly young Porn actress I’v ever seen !! HotKinkyJo is my fave,but you are soo close. Its a wonderful,hot’n horny show you do,stretching your excellent Pussy that wide open !! The ultimate scen is when you fistfuck your self with one hand deep in your slippery cunt,and one hand hidden in your gaping asshole. In and Out….faster and faster,..until you come in a shivering and shaking FouintainOrgasm,..squirting wild,..all over the room. Then gaping your holes wide open for the camera,..close up.!! My god….that would have given my boner such a hard and long shooting ejaculation. Allright….I will soon become a real member.

  4. Amazing! My new hero! Young, skinny, attractive and can fist and insert like crazy! Wish I could see your face more but maybe in time when you’re not so shy. I must join!

  5. Hi Veneisse,

    fantastic fist scenes …. wish i could fist you in reallity for one moment ! …. for a new camera ? maybe … tell me Greetings Mike

  6. This forum seems to be a perfect place to start some poll. What do you think? Wouldn´t it be interesting to know how many users are also into fisting, stretching, big dildos or double-fisting in REAL life with their REAL girl-friends or wives? How many are experts just in watching videos. Not to be missunderstood: I also started as one of those. Now I´m lucky to have the perfect girl who´s also into “getting big”.

  7. You are so hot!!

    Can you create a video with deep fisting and dildoing and your belly is bulgin?

    The next wish: Two long hard but not so thik dildos with the same lenght. One you sit on it and try your deepest penetration. The other in front of your belly to see how deep you penetrate.

  8. I see that you like such fun and many pornstar are you far behind;]I don’t remember what site I saw the girl hid 3 l bottle (with drink has to understand) in your well. can you repeat? the second thing: maybe so the webcam look to your interior?

  9. especially for you I am able to make a large enough “toys” because I have company dedicated to woodworking and have already commissioned several such projects so if you want to do and the tools work for you;]like most for free, the only condition it is and I would like to have full access to your site

  10. Hi Veneisse, Thanks for showing all your fantastic pussy performences. You are so damn good looking, so amazing hot, so sexy and so unbelievable extreme. Oooohhhh I just L O V E Y O U! Your boyfriend have to be the most lucky guy on the globe :-)

    I have a wish ( in fact I have many); how many cucombers can you yake at once? 3, 4 or maybe even 5!!!???

    Kisses from Svend

  11. Hi Veneisse, I’ve seen Vinam on stim99.com take a 2L soda bottle 2/3 up here super cunt, and I’m absolutely sure you can match that with only a little effort, as you can allready swollow that extreme huge elephant dick you call the Enigma dildo :-)

  12. Hi! I admire your exquisite beauty! I do not speak in English and translated the text through Google :) I am tormented by a fantasy in which girl shoved their pussy artificial vagina which she herself would have to fuck vibrator :) you can do that?

  13. have you ever thought about inserting the “hitachi magic wand massager” i have only seen it inserted in the ass, love to see it deep in your sweet pussy..:)

  14. hey vaneissa. i have some feeling about you . i don wanna be rude but you are not like others in this kind of doings. i think you’re so pure in what you do….

  15. this site and your diary and your way of talking are somehow something from somewhere else…whatever… i don’ know… its so complicated …. :-S

  16. because i’m not good at talking about this things so i cant completely say how i feel about it,,,, it’s so weird to me…. i don’ know… i think in deep layers of your doing it become such a extremely different thing in comparison with the scene it gives in the first look … i don’ know if ma words are nonsense… but that is the way i felt it…

  17. Hallo Veneisse,

    you have a beautiful body and I like your insertions.

    Is there an other way for donates, for instance Paypal?

    I don’t like to publish my credit card number in www.

    best wishes

  18. ..you’re into bondage? well ..soft bondage might be ..and you’ll be the first in this fucking world to do this :) you just have to find a female partner (juliette has small tits and kinkyjo the same) ..tie her tit as a “big plug”and try having that inside your pussy world premiere ..tit fucked ..for our perverted mind

    thanks? :)

  19. hello veneisse,

    I’ve only been here a short time a member of your own site. You are very sexy and beautiful. But your pussy is so big and can accommodate three hands. That makes me to see how much your pussy is stretched. I’m a big fan of your films. The idea with the footfisting is good. I would very much like to like a foot in your pussy slides. Maybe first a foot of a sexy girl? Is not subscribe to large.

    horny say hello.

  20. Hi Veneisse! I know you are amateur and have to get to know a sexy girl with a beautiful gaping pussy like yours, but I have this sexy perverted dream of you and another girl fucking(realy hard) a huge wide double ended dildo in doggy possition together. I would live and die happy.. Lots of love, I love what you are doing.

  21. Hi Veneisse, I have just discovered your work/play and am totally blown away by wonderful images you produce. you are venturing into the realms of ART!!!

      • Of course, I do not mean Veneisse’s arms and shoulders. The problem is always at the person who fists or films you. Maybe you can first try it out how to get the perfect position without penetration, and then do the filming and penetration, so you can improve step by step. Anyway, I have to say that you use the tripod for the camera very professionally as there are no quick, abrupt camera movements in the film. A glove on one hand would be nice. Also a tennis ball in a bare hand. You could pull a condom over the glove wih the hand and the tennis ball for better fluidity and use lots of lube.

        • i will always try to make better filming but always remember that i film what i like to do, i don’t do something because i film! and the fact i really enjoy fisting&co is because i make it for my body and not for the camera :)

  22. About the origin of your sexual fantasies (as you say in the “About_Me” section), I confess my curiosity: Could you share any thoughts? I’ve devoted much of my time to the study of the subconscious, and I’d really appreciate to know your opinion. Obviously you aren’t the classic submisive girl.

  23. maybe it is a little bit late, but because of easter, why not try some big plastic eggs, they are in so many sizes, i’m sure there is one that whould fit and pleasure you :)

  24. I like your new stage – it would also be great to see try some of your videos outside in the sunshine or perhaps in the bath or shower. Keep up the great work.

  25. posso scrivere in Italiano? no ok scrivo in inglese anche per gli stranieri :P

    Dunno if somebody already asked for this but I saw many videos of girls doing this, stretch your vagina to the max and then keep it as large as possible and fill it with milk or coke or other liquids then fist again sqeezing all of it out..or another nice thing would be to open a beer put inside and shake to see it “exploding” out from the pussy.. what do you think about? And when inserting glasses it would be nice to light up insi dthere and see you innermost point: the cervix hole.. Also, are you able to squirt when you cum?

    cmq sei una grande..spero di trovare una ragazza come te un giorno..andare in giro con le lattine dentro mi ha fatto impazzire!

  26. Hello Goddess as you like using bigger and bigger toys, I give you an address of site where you will maybe find what you are looking for and to make our also. It is a gay site my toys have no sexual identity… ;-) Friendly…Chris http://www.pigdreams.ch

  27. Hey Vee. Ur definitely one of the best on the planet when it comes to stuffing. I wish more girls were like u. Since I first saw ur videos I was wondering if u could make a video riding a Bam dildo. My greatest wish. Do u think u can take the whole thing? Heres a video of someone else riding it. http://xhamster.com/movies/1473824/riding_the_bam.html and heres a website to buy it. http://www.extremerestraints.com/huge-dildos_186/the-bam-huge-realistic-dildo_2727.html So whaddya think?

    • i know that toy! anyway to go out.. yes. i do it often (and to sleep…) but to keep something long time it must really right shape and right size (not to the limits!)… so that egg.. to go out.. is not ok :)

  28. Ciao como estei tantissimo tempo que no escrive espero que capicci mi italiano ;-) did you found some sweety like me to play with or still searching ;-)

  29. Have you done a bedpost penetration ? Bowling pinn penetration ? Love your work and your great movies! Do you need a hand ;-) love fr.o.m. Sweden

  30. Can you youse your pussy like a purse to hide clouts and celphone and walk around wed you full of daly things in side of you? Like your personal purse or baggage wed a cocacola can or a dress or hiding your favorit dildo… and take a walk and having fun wed your personal thing in side you. Big kiss from a friend from portugal and have funnnnnn :-)

  31. We need loads of nice pale oliveskinned dark haired and eyed curvy and skinny long legged arabic and turkish beautyfull girls doing exactly doing this uncensored with face uncovered but I guess that is a wish worth more than the most valuable diamond that could be found on earth if that is about to happen its going to take way too much time to wait for anything like that to happen that the probably end of this world would come at first place and if something like that would anyhow happen someway it is very much ahead of it’s time anyhing like that is comparible like waiting for a miracle to happen but if wish could become true and if I want something to happen now then that is exactly the type of category I like to see happening maybe but writing would begin to make a small start of progress of but it could also mean its just a rock I threw in the middle of the atlantic ocean with the question will you ever find it back the question after that is what is more able as a possibility? Well if somebody likes something or anything about this concept and might be able to do something about it then please give this category some help and attention! I also want to ask for your support Veneisse thank you!

  32. Hi Ven this is MAX from Germany please think about getting a strong ass fist by your Boyfriend while bonded on bed with spreeding legs. And one of your lovely girlfriends will kiss you while she`s trying to push her fist in all your lovely holes. Please think about ist, i Do so ;o) MAX

  33. Hi, It’s always a pleasure to see you. It will be great if you have a big (of course) dildo all clear jelly crystal transparent to put in your vagina. We have both best of the two worlds: speculum and huge dildo. We can see your vagina at the better place, like a cock ;-) Thank’s for all your video, keep going. Best wiches

  34. Wow! you girls are amazing. Great site. But you have to change the camera- and light man. Auto focus and auto light is not very professional. Please please more (longer) gaping scenes. Keep going.


  35. i think about a assfist by your boyfriend while girlfriends hold your arms far away from your head, your legs are fixed by ropes. Dress yourselfe like a little schoolgirly. just an idea

  36. Hi Ven, this is MAX again, i thought about our idea and i would licke to change ist a littlebit. I think it would be better if your arms are fixed with robes and if your legs ale hold by these girlfriend. Your Boyfriend plays your angry teacher and he is realy hard, so this would be wonderful if you play so, thats means being real loud, maybe creaming in realistic levels. And i see …. if yourteacher pulls out his fist the girl by his side putting 3 or 4 finger inside to hold it open for hir reentering your asshole, you know. These girls or maybe one girl is playing his assistent. If your are getting to loud, so the assistent will putting her fingerns in your mouth to shut you down, ok?! Please think about playing this…. Max from Germany

  37. hi Ven, good question :o ) let me think about….you enjoy most extreme stuff, we all know and absolutely like that. But there are moments a man has to feel, see and hear his domination. That does not mean real brutality, you know. Trying to play such a situation could be a impotant thing for your psychology study. How it feels?

    Sorry for my bad english

      • Hey Veneisse, I agree with ilikefisting. I don´t know if you like the idea, but maybe you want to make a fisting & playing & fucking gangbang with people who are into that stuff ^^ I´m sure some of the members are interested :) It could become awesome ! … George from Germany

  38. It is not a game – it`s an experiment. The charcters can be played individually and changed. How do you feel the penetration if you getting more loud, like going beyond your borders? Screaming is not nessessary, i think screaming ist for a small group of man with have real problems ;) . A real Question is what does your boyfreind feel if you begin to moaning loudly with visible exertion? Has he a bad conscience? Slowed he down it`s pleasure? Well, not every scene is suitable for this experiment, so I think the situation with the teacher and the schoolgirl as appropriate. It could also be a doctor with his patient and an assistant. The imagination knows no limits law. I ‘m curious. MAX

  39. Hi Veneisse

    Can you show us movies where you are wearing sexy colorful stockings and patent high heel. It would be also vers sexy if you inserat high heels into your pussy!!!!

  40. Imagine a black mass, a demon impaling you deep and hard… fouling you into worthless rapemeat… then leaving you gaped, juicy and satisfied… plus a small chocolate truffle on your belly button…:)

    I’d like to suck your cunt.

  41. I like your videos, but I think you would benefit greatly from getting a translator \ web designer for your site you could improve your income by better communication !

  42. Hi Veneisse,

    I absolutely love your site. What I especially like are the videos of you in the restaurants or in the park or at home or at the club in a cute dress but with your pussy fully stuffed. I love watching you walk when you are stuffed. I can tell you feel like a sexy girl dressed that way. You need to do more of these walking in public places — maybe some different outfits: cheerleader, summer dress, jeans, tight little cunt hugging shorts keeping toy deep inside.

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