Finally the Espidoe 2 is ready! :)

And well… you can appreciate my new game :) what about to fist my self DEEPLY when beer can is deep inside as well? :)

It was not enough, my other hand was busy deeply inside Juliette’s pussy…..!

Obviously i went to party with the beer inside.. who knows someone wants to drink!!!!





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21 thoughts on “whats girls do before party? :) EPISODE 2

  1. You girls are so lovely and kinky, Juliette love how you take Veneisse’s hand so easily and then Veniesse you pust your hand back in your pussy. :) so sexy how you both are so into each other. thanks, have fun.

  2. Awesome video as always with truly superb content I love seeing how full/deep you can go, but your more recent videos do tend to go a bit blocky with odd colours when there is a large amount of movement, please can you see if encoding it with a higher bit rate or with a different codec gives a better picture quality.

  3. Veneisse sweetheart :) I never saw such a trick, a beer can completely inside and you grab it with your fist inside ^^ just wow I think you have the talent to get the largest pussy on web ,worldwide ! No1. of 3.5 billion women ;) Thank you ps. I will make promotion for you on various fisting forums.

  4. Superb!! I have fisted a few ladies, but never double fisting etc. Love it when it happens, but it has to be natural for the lady. When the lady is that lose and wet the connection is amazing! If you think about it you are bringing a lot of happiness to a lot of people. That makes you a creative artist! Chris x

  5. Hot folowing pefore to goin out and for sure everyone was horny for finish this night on better way possivel…Fantastic night…a star night…Thx

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