This happened before i filmed my previous video! I spent nice dinner with my pump inside.. under my sexy dress… and got at home i started to play a lot to feel it inside and pump more! :) But after such long and hard treatment my pussy was ready for more and so i roughly played with my giant red toy… i felt so smooth and large! So large that when i wanted to anal fist myself in the end, during my orgasm i could feel the big emptyness inside my pussy “on the other side” !!!!!! :) :) :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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13 thoughts on “what to do when you fill empty!!!

  1. So beautiful you like training as much as performing. I hope soon you will even train your asshole to tolerate long training sessions with that pumped up plug!

  2. My favorite vids were in the park and the country its amazing when you are stuffed walking outside. Hope you’ll do more of that kind.

    You are so beautiful !!!

  3. Absolutely amazing, as always. You used the perfect picture for the video, too. It really shows your beautiful pussy stretched out by the inflated plug.

  4. OMFG… U’ll freak me up, my brain is going in short circuit with this performance…. U really sitting on the big red with Ur whole body’s weight??? geeeeeeeeeeezzzzz :) :) What I wouldn’t give to be there to pump that black dildo up to the maximum….slowly and fast… uhmmm maybe U need a compressor ;) faster in float and you don’t get tired pumping by hand ;)

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