I’m happy to publish my first video with Juliette! we had a lot of fun and i couldn’t wait the full editing of what we filmed (a lot!) to show you some!

Well… let’s say this is the Episode 1… and in the end of this you will understand what happens in Episode 2 :)

Well… lot of double fisting and tries of triple fisting :) She enjoyed so much to fuck me yesterday :)


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43 thoughts on “what girls do preparing for party? :) EPISODE 1

  1. Veneisse and Juliette

    Two earth angels in a deep devilish game, I love it ;) Incredible deep double fisting !with pressure! and still a smile of you Veneisse. I’ve never seen such a powerful and deep pussy like yours.

    I look forward to part 2, thank you !

    ps. What says Juliette about your pussy? I think she couldn’t take what you take Veneisse :D


  2. Great that you could convince Juliette to join you on camera! It’s such a pleasure to see 2 joung girls do such extreme stretching! She doesn’t seem to be shy in front of the cam either! :)

  3. Hey and juliette says nothing? Tell us what you think, want to repeat in other videos? You would not want to do the same to her?, Seri a good teacher The two are wonderful.

  4. Soooo awsome.. close to triplefist.. so close.. Keep trying and you soon get it all inside..

    I think if you put your own fist inside first.. then your friends fist after that…

    keep going..

  5. You girls are so amazing… now i’m waiting for triple fisting :p i think i don’t have to wait so long, right? :D

    If i can give a suggestion, star with self fisting —> self punch fisting –> double self fisting –> double fisting (one hand by each one) —> double fisting by Juliette –> brutal double punch fisting by Juliette and than Triple fisting :D

    Veneisse, do you like it?

  6. I have to admit you Veneisse geting better and better…..nice to look to you girls…..But I would like to see your hole when she pulled her arm out to see the damage done to your pussy…see the gape, to see your pussy widely open,,,, to see effects of the Incredible lust,,,,

  7. Amazing! I hope to see her fist inside your ass as well. :) Maybe one in the pussy and one in the ass or maybe your hand in you ass and both of hers in your pussy? :)

    Are you planning to do any more videos showing you in public places? :)

    Best of luck!

  8. wow pretty hot…. so i do hope that was the teaser and you actually get 3 full fists inside you! bam, would love to see 2 man hands and the third one a woman’s, now that would be fucking fantastic!

  9. splendide!!!!!!!!!!!!! però…………. manca un pò di erotismo naturale……. come fa la tua compagna di giochi a togliere il fist e non berlo???? IMPOSSIBILE!!! ahahahahahaha

  10. Marvellous, wonderful what more can I say. Only thing would be nice to see a huge gape after such fisting. And of course a triple fist when you are ready!! Also nice is a dildo, with one of your fists above the dildo and your friend’s fist below. I think it is great that these days women are exploring themselves so much more than they used to! Chris x

  11. great party,but a little criticism: the two actors are looking all the time to a point outside the scene. This disturbes the scene for my taste,

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