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  1. Hello I have two proposals1. pomelo can now use;] 2. can run also paying by bank transfer not just card? This would be a somewhat more convenient way of paying. you just no account on how may płynac donations and enough;] consider my suggestions;] Best regards

  2. elo I have for you a question, venisse in recent times I’ve seen on film the watermelon woman puts all I (and another pomelo) both just have disappeared inside, I would add that they have run small as apples or other fruits. another time pineapple disappeared. and here a question for you: I know that the vagina can be stretched to a sizable but is it possible that disappeared the whole watermelon? If If you are able to repeat the feat is how much she had to wynoscić “Donate” to broadcast a video of that feat and the second thing: you wrote? your pussy has a depth of about 23 cm (considers it śrenią swims each pussy) so as zapaleńcowi deep fistingu pussy show on the photos that you publish on your side of the bottle (or the other dildo) with the measuring cup. of course we would like to see the full penetration of the “scale.” I look forward to what I say on my first question. Best regards

  3. I have only photos as the movie unfortunately niemogłem download. niemialem already had nothing on the account and when the video was removed from the server with the hellshare breaking any rule (idiotic). However, when I find him once they download it no matter the cost, and I hope that when you see it, you can repeat the same as the other woman ok?

    • it’s not fake, but it’s not a competition, simply is not insertion! :) honestly i think there is BIG difference between to sit on a bottle neck (like in that video) and insert a bottle. A women can even take a 5lt bottle and sit on it.. it doesn’t mean she inserted the bottle! :) Anyway i do everything to enjoy the pleasure of the penetration, i don’t need to make tricks!

    • This is a video that has at least 10 years … I don’t remember the name of “girl”( I think she was more than 30 in that video) but his videos out there I saw them all … has never gone beyond the double vaginal fisting… She tried two men’s hands in the ass but fails to take them both, however took a hand and cock (huge) in her ass quite easily! Now will definitely retire ;)

        • mmm… too much water under bridge has gone… but don’t worry I’ve to see in my personal database ;) … something will phishing out …..then I’ll tell U!! Byez :D

        • Hi there :) Sorry for the delay but only now I remembered to post your answer :) …. the protagonist of the video claiming improbable penetration was famous on the web with the Nick of >BJsex-extreme<, but from videos and pics I've seen in many years of her, aside from oranges, apples and a hand in the ass, it didn't go as well …. in many videos sitting on huge bottles like this in movies, bowling's Skittles and she has also tried the double male fistingbut it has never managed to make a decent penetration …. anything else is lemonade soda :) ;) Byez….

  4. E dove si fa a mettere le foto appena in piedi, magro, in abiti. Poudivlyatsya want, magro, bello, ragazza delicata. A può ospitare una quantità incredibile, penso che sarà un netto contrasto, l’ovvio e reveroyatnogo. :)

  5. Hello Veneisse, You site is great thanks for building it for us. Would you soon consider other practice like foot fucking for exemple. Or rather commun practice like blow jobs ? Best

  6. I will not donate until I can do it with bitcoins, you should think about this – it is more private for the user, and you do not have to pay the 3% transaction fee for VISA + whatever you pay the company that does your card-processing. Love the site, I think you are wonderful.

  7. I know there are people like you with glass and other with mask. I personally prefer mask because we can see your eyes during your pleasure moments. That make the scenes much more exciting and sensual without any kind of doubt. Please, time to time back to the mask for all your fans than think same than me….

    In your eyes we could see your real pleasure…. not with glasses….

  8. u should put that huge toy all the way ur pussy and see how much u can take,i dont think you’ll be able to do it, blow it up all the way i mean. ur pretty petite.

  9. You are simply… unbelievable! Beautiful, perfect body, horny as hell and a pussy like no other in the world! You are every mans dream! Your husband/boy friend is a lucky bastard! ;-) I love your clips and wish I’d have a girl hot as you!

    Sincerely Rock75

  10. There is one body opening you have yet to have tried streching, and that is your pee-hole. Ever considered that? Dildo in pee-hole would be the ultimate :-)

  11. Hi Veneisse. Do you have any plans to do another many dildo scene? would love to see how many you can fit in. I love the site. Hot girl, stockings and stretching. Perfect! <3

  12. Love the great and xtreme stuff you are doing!!! Your pussy and anal gapes are the best and most exciting. Alas, my wish list still features : 1. Elbow deep double or triple anal fisting by one or two of your girl friends with some decent belly bulge; 2. Self double fisting; 3.You inserting ENIGMA in your ass; 4. Publicly Impaling yourself on a traffic cone… in your pussy and asshole.

  13. You’re videos are amazing!! Wondering if you could make one entirely focused on pushing things out of your pussy and asshole and gaping both holes.

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