Hi, I‘m Veneisse… My real name is not so important because in this space I will show what I’m behind the scenes, anyway I like to say something about me. I’m actually 20 years old just done and I’m going to study psychology after one year wasted trying to enjoy architecture. In few words, I have 3 passions: sex , psychology and art. About the sex I can simply say to like anything excessive and perverted, I’m fully exhibitionist and I realized to deeply enjoy all type of crazy penetration, challenging my body to new measures: any mad variant of fisting, stretching myself by unlimited stuffs and trying incredible ways to combine different big dicks inside me! This should be enough to fill a site but I must spend few words about other passions… I want to explore online the hidden corners of sexual fantasies, curios to understand why me and other people enjoy such weird things, so expect some psychology discussion! About the last, my passion for art, I want to say I don’t want to show just the most extreme images about my games, but I want to offer them in a new way, a touch of class in a sea of perversion! So this will be the place to enjoy my freshness and my kinky imagination but it will be also the occasion to share ideas, opinions and proposals… And last thing… I must pay my studies! So you can support me donating to this site!