After long long giant gape my pussy was finally ready for the biggest challenge: take the Enigma dildo DEEP! I couldn’t imagine to take so easy… but… after the hard work of gaping it slided inside me for half of its length! It was amazing i felt completely full in so heavy way! …and i couldn’t resist to do it again and again :)



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36 thoughts on “Solved the Enigma!!! i could take it deep :)

    • try to explain the story of the suction cup :) anyway enigma is simply not enough solid to ride it in fast way! need to be supported by hands! it’s a monster larger then 10 cm but his weight (many kg!!!) make it quite difficult to handle :)

  1. A wish came true – you got the enigma! And you made it! I think no one can appreciate how big you really are who has never held the enigma in his own hands. I did. I have this monster at home. Even Layla has to work harder on it than you to get it in – even nowadays. They say you should not compare! But why? You said it yourself: You will become queen of stretching. Well, in your age you absolutely are the queen already now!

  2. fuck, love is awesome. One of the best videos was the pepsi bottle, it would not be bad to come back to repeat, was very nice and impressive. Do it for us???

  3. Good girl! Impressiv. Please continue work on it and please please please do updates more often. I am so happy everytime I see something new from you. It is so sexy to see you expand for more and more every week / day… I am true and a sort of addicted fan. Please give us more! I love your power pussy! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. OMG! A huge round of applause for taking on and beating the challenge of the enigma!!!!! ….I don’t know how you do it Veneisse….but I’m glad you do ! :-D

  5. Amazing Veneisse ! 1. -> I love your highheels ;) 2. Incredible,I’ve never seen such a superhumanly toy so deep in a woman. It’s bigger than any natural Penis- wow ^^ Normally, when a woman insert such a huge toy, there fits just 10-12 cm in length… Veneisse, is depth – training possible at all ? My girlfriend can take 17 cm and no mm more. It’s like reaching a wall. pssst, !! You’re my No. 1 Veneisse, love your pics and movies and I adore you :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous… and very well done, congratulations. My own stretching adventures continue and I can now take my 3inch thick toy and a cock in my pussy – still a long way till we can double-dildo the enigma!!!

  7. Very hot and amazing! You managed to get it in faster than I thought you would. I figured it would take a couple of months of work! I’ll be very interested to know how deep you took it as well!

    Now to find a dildo bigger than this one! :)

  8. WOW that’s just to much nice and beautiful for my dick :) ,… But that should be more great if your BF cum on you at the end of the video. Please ask him!

  9. Hi Veneisse. I love your gaping videos. At the end of the short preview with Hot Kinky Jo, you do an amazing spread and gape. Could you possibly do a gaping video, but where you start off in bra and panties and very gradually work up to a huge gape, start off with just a small parting of the lips, then a small gape then get larger and larger. This would be dream stuff!! Thanks x

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