I received so many comments about anal or vaginal… so it’s time to make you direct question and let me understand what you really prefer in my movies :)

in movies you prefer extreme vaginal or extreme anal penetrations?

  • i definitely prefer vaginal!
  • i definitely prefer anal!
  • i can't decide.. i love both...

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10 thoughts on “Q: in my movies you prefer extreme vaginal or extreme anal penetrations?

  1. Veneisse, I love all your videos, your creativity. I chose extreme anal penetrations, because I want your ass that was as wide as your pussy. + I would like more videos with your anal as a pussy. With Love!

  2. Vaneisse, do you now stretched her pussy and ass when you do not record video, wearing plugins? Results of your pussy just super! How often do you have sex in everyday life, enjoy fisting ass?

  3. I prefer both. I like the pussy wide and also the asshole I find it very exciting, because I imagine the pleasure he feels veneisse. However, it is nice to do more than just see a live electronic image in a video. I hope one day to meet a girl to make love and all the fisting she wants. The problem is to know a sweet girl and cute

  4. Hi Veneisse, I like the videos best in which there are two hands/fists or one or several incredible huge objects in your pussy. So, when will you “evaluate” the poll? When reading the previous post, I came up with a question. I would like to know how many women/ladies/girls are willing to do fisting (in her pussy). Well, you may don’t know it as well, but you are experienced to may guess. Is it less than 50 percent, but maybe more than 10 percent? What do you think, what is your experience? Of course, it depends on the partner as well. Not every lady, which did fisting once would do it with every new guy after that, again. But how many percent of ladies would give it a try and would continue doing that stuff?

    love the stretched-pussy-lover

  5. I like your pussy but I think you have great perspectives with your ass also… You should pay more attention to anal games. Od course if you get pleasure of it.

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