Many of you asked to play with many dildos together Here for your happiness! It was exiting and funny but honestly complicate :) to use many dildos together it’s like to play with many snakes in hands… and jel don’t help :) When all four dildos were deeply inside i felt anyway space available!!!! so i played pushing my fingers and palms inside.. you’ll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) but in the end my pussy was very large and i really needed for serious stretch! :) so the rest of video is me playing with king of dildos.. the giant enigma :)


Kisses, Veneisse


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20 thoughts on “playing 4 dildos all together … good warm up before enigma!

  1. wooow…. huhhhh You are so amazing – really. Just damn – so beautiful, sexy and horny putting all those things in your pussy. But damn it would be awesome to see those being really real cocks :)

    Could you do us some triple or quadro cock penetration? I would also love to see someone have handjob inside your pussy. That is something I would love to do myself – if my girlfriend loved fisting :) .

  2. Wow. Congratulations. Another great video Veneisse :-) I like your pussy streched so much by the enigma dildo. How does it feel to be streched so far? It is more intense than streched by two fists?

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