There are some days you just want rude sex and no mercy.. for a girl into fisting this can be really dangerous!!!! :) So this afternoon i simply asked: ehi.. break me harder then ever!!! … and i didn’t need to repeat! I had not the time even to lie that my friend started to fist me hard and deep… one hand… two hand.. let’s say even part of forearms! But the words “no mercy” needed to be shown better!!! he played with a big dildo and fisted me at same time, but not happy enough while he was fisting my pussy he started to try to insert also a fist in my ass.. i don’t need to say that my holes were in fire but after such intense effort , to have a sweet orgasm i rided my big red dildo in the ass… perfect result! :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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14 thoughts on “no mercy for my holes!!!

  1. Wow…

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your videos are so amazingly hot, you’ve spoiled just about all other porn for me.

  2. OMFJ….. that’s incredible :) U continue to shock me :) :) I was far for a wile but… I can’t to stay too far for long time to my beautyful Veneisse :* I guess this video is simply AWESOME… another kinda porn art, beautiful stratching i can see from the pics.. but the final red butt plug fit almost all inside UR ass is the cherry on the cake…. Hope to see all in very soon, that day will be a wonderful day!!! with love….. ;) G. P.s.: ..when U comb ur hair to do the horse tail…. and watch on camera…my god, U R gorgeous, that eyes kill me :) :)

  3. Hi Veneisse, you have create a new term. I would call it -> forearming <- . In past, I've seen good fisting videos. Also a bit over the wrist. Especially the first of your photos looks supernatural. It reminds me more of an artificial insemination of a mare. Excuse this across comparison. What I mean is that it is really extreme…. never seen :) You're certainly not the biggest Lady, but surely down there. AWESOME !!! thx

  4. I hope next time you can play with a real huge cock,it will be great!!I think the only Problem is about your boyfriend ,isit? ;-)

    You are a incredible girl!!! so young and so deep! becareful your body please.

    love you every day ! from china

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