Last time i visited shop near my home i noticed this nice red candle with the shape of big hearth :) Everybody would look at them like a nice stuff to have in dining room… but i couldn’t stop my mind to think to have in my pussy room :) but was clear in my mind that one was not enough… so i decided that i had to have two hearths inside me!!!!!!!

When tried them at home i realized immediately they fit very well.. both of them.. so deep that to put way both is very difficult.. specially, like in the video, i kept inside for long time… the “ejection” is very difficult.. you can check watching the video :)

And after empty my pussy i couldn’t stop, so i fisted and played with some big toy too :) enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :)

Kisses to all, Veneisse


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22 thoughts on “my love is so big that i have two hearths…..inside :)

  1. Hello Veneisse. Great to see you back. Hope you’re happy. I love your videos. Thank you for posting them. May I ask, I think that you look extremely extra beautiful during orgasm. Would it be possible for you to post more like this please? I hope you don’t mind my asking. You are great. Thanks again, B

    • in front of camera and lights is not easy to show an orgasm! it happens to me much easier with fisting…. probably you can notice the difference in various videos :)

  2. You’re so beautiful Veneisse :) I’ve a question, if I may ask! What is the best way to stretch a vagina? fisting, inflatable dildos or other ways? . … And is it possible to stretch a vagina in depth. An average vagina is 15cm in depth, is it possible to stretch it permanently to 25cm or even 30cm? kisses

    • in my experience a good relationship and play often is the best way! with fisting or toys is important to enjoy it and to do often.. and use lot of jel!

      About depth.. well.. it’s not very changable this… in the years i became larger and larger but depth is around the same… it is human body!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Veneisse! I am really happy you got back, i will donate really soon to help you. I have a question, in the two years we did not see you, did you still train? Can you take bigger than before now? And also, some belly buldging would be really nice if you can do it, im sure you can, you’re the best :p

  4. How long did it take you to get this loose? What did you do? Also, are you going to start speaking more English during your videos. The one where you asked the 2 girls if they want to destroy you was amazing. Right before they put 3 fists inside. ID love to see 4 if they pushed hard.

  5. You are very beautiful in a new way and continue to surprise abilities of your holes. Your asshole looks wider and beautiful gape, Do you keep ass fisting? Will the new video to your chic-ass?

      • After your video with anal fisting, for many people, you are a new anal goddess. :-)

        I like your work more than HotkinkyJoe and Roxye Rae, your films are more natural, and we can see that you really enjoy the process. Very exciting movies with your boyfriend.

        I hope he will create a good mood, so you have fun and for your chic ass? ;-)

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