I usually don’t like to use adjectives about myself… but when i watched this video i as specially actracted by the effect of the incredible size of these dildoes compared to the size of my legs, arms, etc… i love to watch myself in video or mirror when it seems impossible such diameters inside me :) In these hot minutes i used all my bigger toys in a intense destructive way! :) enjoy one after the other :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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17 thoughts on “monster dildoes for skinny girl!

  1. SO hot! I love the way you clog your smooth pussy without mercy.

    Can you even ride the thickest black one in a very very fast up and down fucking style, and pretend it to be just a regular normal penis? This would be so hot to see your pussy have to cope with fucking a monster dildo in the style of traditional sexual intercourse. The camera could go below, while you squat from behind on the top of a table and ride it. It would be an intense view to watch your pussy walls stick to the dildo going up and down.

  2. Truly outstanding! You’re right about the size of those toys in comparison to your petite body. That’s one of the reasons you are so incredible, Veniesse. Such a small girl being able to effortlessly take gigantic dildos, plugs, fists, etc. is just mind blowing.

  3. You’re not skinny. You have a beautiful girl’s body. & I wonder for a long time…how is it possible that a girl can have a bigger pussy like a 40-50 year old woman. By that I mean a woman who has 20-30 years of fisting training! Are you so big by nature? or is it trained? Veneisse, your toys are really huge. Especially this huge black monster dildo, at the end of your movie/pics. The natural shaped horsecock dildo on the other hand looks like a little cute toy. I would be interested how much fits max. in liters? Do you think that your pussy has a volume of one liter? Have you ever calculated? I know, it is a stupid calculation.But it helps for a better imagination ;) thx

    • Training is probably key word. Lol. Most women just poke and play around and do not take the time necessary to stretch and GROW. The ass and pussy don’t just stretch, they GROW to new sizes, never stopping. Veneisse, your pussy can grow to any size you want, so keep going bigger! Make your pussy the biggest fattest prettiest mess!

  4. Awesome¡¡¡¡¡ But I think it’s something wrong lately not answer almost no communication, there is a problem? No but something happens¡¡¡¡

  5. Wow, great and of cause the big black one with 10cm diameter !!! I think, it must be a “big” orgasm. And of cause very pretty woman for sure, the boyfriend must be a lucky man, thank you for sharing some very horny pics from you. Have a good day, bye,bye. If you need some help for fisting or with some toys, just call for me. ;-)

    greets MadDogOne.

  6. Great job with that vaginal stretching. You are getting quite flexible. You really should start measuring girth and depth to keep track of your progress over time.

  7. Hi Veneisse. Is the biggest dildo at the end of your video the dildo called Enigma? It looks to me like that. If so, it’s incredible. The thing is as thick as the head of a newborn baby! … circumference 31cm … outch! and wow. More isn’t possible!!!

  8. I like that you are pretty, small, and cute. And you can do crazy things with a small body.

    Other girls I see try to do this are not as pretty and not as small as you.

    That is why I like you more than everybody else.

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