Since today i want to try to interact with you with some poll… i will do question of any type to better know what you think about sex, me and my site! :)

Let me know what you think about this idea and.. reply to the poll on the right!

What do you prefer in my movies?

  • play solo with big toys
  • fisting with girl
  • outdoor games
  • fisting with men

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64 thoughts on “let’s try some poll!

  1. I sent you an email back on Oct 11 last year ,i did not get a reply but it was not expected …. about a woman you had been in contact with and directed me to your site (she is Very impressed with you ability) and the “Toy” suggestion i gave her which i thought you would like too because unlike your normal fill and play is very light in comparison to what she likes to carry tucked in and gets great pleasure out of carrying because of what is does with movement and drawing out slowly i would Love to see some of that action !!

  2. I would love to see some more of what you did in the beginning. Just going to the supermarket to buy random things to stuff inside your pussy. Or where you made your own homemade toys.

    • I agree. Your early videos had some special vibe, intimacy. Going to supermarket and trying different items was one of my favorite movies, and that finale, when bottle just slips deep in you and the sound of your voice, that was epic. I think that people like that is do the fact that all these items are know to them, they have all seen them and hold them in their hands, they know their size and what you can do with it just turns them on. My second favorite movie is this It has some good angles, proper size dildo and the way you are taking it slowly all the way up and down up and down is so hot. Unlike some other movies where dildos are even bigger but they are just stuck in, and there is no action no sliding if you get what I mean. When you put something in once or twice and the action lasts for 5 minutes or less it gets boring even faster but if you continue the action if you push your self to the limits let the action go 15 minutes or more the fans will just love it, they will go crazy. ;)

  3. Yes, another vote for solo play here! The fisting is hot, but the objects have more variety, and just seem to ‘look’ more impressive? You have remarkable talent, and it’s fun to see you experimenting and enjoying yourself (especially loved the orgasm videos). And you can tell us about going out in public with something like dragon fruit inside you, much harder to do with a fist :D

  4. First !! Sex and all the variety of it, are as old as mankind. Veneisse, You show things with your pussy that I’ve never seen before! I congratulate you. Your toys are big or rather huge. In addition, I like the way you present yourself. …. with a lot of beauty and grace. Just wow ;) Like most men here, I love your solo plays with big toys. In addition, for a better imagination accompanied with a tape measure. Have you ever read a story that was written by a (amateur) man? That looks like this : …. Sarah 23y , was a tall lady 1,68m. Her 36dd cup breasts bobbing while walking ect … ect :D , sometimes more a data battle. I’d like to see a solo movie accompanied with a tape measure. You don’t have to set a world record !!! like this woman of a link a few questions above. porn2012!! By the way, that video is brutal -> She almost destroys her toys^^ Kisses on all your lips , I flare for you

  5. Totally agree with zeroordie, aormy and Stani, more objects and bottles (I miss that spritz!), more videos like the beginning (milk at the club was a masterpiece together with the beer at the restaurant) and please plese please more vaginal belly bulging! make a survey with these three!

  6. I love all your videos, Extreme toys in pussy, but voted for fisting a man! Very memorable videos with full fisting your ass with a man, it was very passionate and unexpected! Very soon I hope to see your ass fisting with another girl, because I understand that this with man is somewhat unrealistic.

    Vaneisse, are you ready to try? :-)

  7. Your movies are fantastic! I have always enjoyed a woman with a good sense of daring and adventure. I used to live with a girl who would routinely carry a beer inside her while we rode bicycles in the park. When we would stop she would give it to me to drink. Your movies remind me of those days. I think the movies of you carrying something inside while you are out in public are excellent also. You’re beautiful and talented, don’t alter your breasts, they are perfect the way they are.

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