As you know i spent much time with my new friend SexyNaty in last holiday and one evening she insisted with me to try to play only anally! we started to play to plug each other ass :) well.. it was new for me… together with another friend and both anally plugged… i bet you will enjoy :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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21 thoughts on “lesbian anal games with my new sexy friend :)

  1. Beautiful ass playing babes, i would suggest to make a perfect anal gape contest with really big toys and anal fisting. At least who’s asshole will gape bigger will be rimmed deep with a tongue at first !!! What do you think ? Don’t forget to open SexyNaty’s ass with the XO speculum to the max !!!

  2. this is what i was waiting for since i know your site princess!! ;) And i give 1000 likes at GAPELOVER comment….i agree 100% that this is the best thing to do !!!

  3. Wow, Veneisse, you just fire!!! I get great pleasure from watching you play with a friend with your ass! One of the best of your videos, I know that you love anal fisting and big toys, waiting for the continuation ….!!!

  4. Hey Veneisse, just wrote an email to you (hope it gets through your spam filter!) in case it doesn’t I have to say I LOVE YOUR SITE and I’d like to donate but haven’t a credit card :( Is there any other way I can donate?

  5. hi veronica!

    i would like to know, how you and sexynaty got in contact. i love yours and her videos so much!!! but you and her together is perfect!!! did you shot the videos in berlin?

    compliments, tim

  6. Are you planning to stretch your asshole further? Will you ever stretch it as big as your pussy (the bones are your only limit) ? Do you dream of triple anal fisting like DirtyGardenGirl?

    In case you’re worried, I’ve stretched my asshole to 3.5″ in diamater with a 1.75L bottle so far and have no problems! I could probably give birth through my ass and feel less pain than a woman.

    • i have lot of fantasy but when i dream some situation i surely don’t think about how many centimeters :) triple anal fisting can be something for the future! about bottle… ehi… male ass is different! if you’re tall and big in body surelly can stand more centimeters! and also guys have only one hole… more chance to concentrate on it :)

  7. Vaneisse, are you still planning to meet with sexynaty?

    Great video, you are doing together, very excited fisting videos in the park and the video games with your lovely tight ass!

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