Hi friends.. today i want to propose you something very different!

I had nice chance to visit Julie (well known as Julie Skihigh) in France where we spent very nice weekend and our friends shooted us all time !!! :)

So in this video i show you what we did in public park :)

we obviously were walking naked under out short dresses in high heels… and before to go out i inserted two tomatoes in my pussy to make her a surprise and prepared picnic basket with lot of vegetables to play later ! :)

So we found a nice place in the park and waiting some moment that nobody were watching us and started to play on the grass… we kissed each other and then Julie started to lick me and she could realize about tomatoes in my pussy…and.. decided to eat them…

so..then.. time to play! .. and when my pussy was empty by tomatoes she pushed deep in me a big aubergine from the picnic basket… i played to insert one of the tomatoes in her pussy and we had a nice walk in the park like this! :) passing near ignoring people around and time to time you can notice my dress up and aubergine bit out of my pussy while i walk :)

just to end in good way we sitted to chat about girl matters still with big aubergine in my pussy.. showing it to the camera time to time.. i loved to re-watch me in that part :)

finished? well… for the first time (nature was asking…) you will see me (and her) pissing on the grass :) funny? yes.. we had a lot of fun all weekend and i bet you will have fun to to watch us!

Kisses, Veneisse


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24 thoughts on “in public park with my friend Julie… can happen normal things? :)

  1. Nice video, very sexy girls. The eggplant is huge, your friend gets freaked. You do good gangbang julie – julie – justine your boyfriend.

  2. Hi Veneisse, in every shot, the last 4 video’s you had sex with somebody else. I think that’s very cool! It would be nice to see your boyfriend have sex with Julliette and Justine (seperately). Is that ok for you? And is it ok for your boyfriend that you have sex with other men?

      • Well, until now I think you and your boyfriend present yourself as a couple in which you are allowed to have sex with other girls. If you show your boyfriend to have sex with other girls it might show that you are allowed to have sex (on camera) with any men you like. So in your relation you have sex with other men and you would like to show it?

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