I recently received for gift a lamp with the shape of a big cone… at first sight i thought.. “here the next stupid gift!”… but when i was alone watching it i started to imagine me riding that big cone!!!! Guys… it was awazing….!!! many times some member asked for traffic cone or big plug but the idea was so abused on internet that i never agreed! But watching me (on the mirror) just pushing hard against the cone let me to imagine a new amazing video! :) So for you now me playing hard with this lighted big cone.. in pussy… in ass… all sourrounded by anal fisting and games :)

Kiss you all and enjoy my pussy through the cone!!!!!!

Kisses, Veneisse


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10 thoughts on “if you receive a stupid (big) gift from a friend… just find a smart way to use it! :)

  1. Another amazing scene! How comfortable is it to sit on the cone for a long time? Can you do it for hours? I’m imagining you sitting on the cone with it in your pussy, slowly sliding further and further down. So hot!

  2. Conical objects getting rough, as if not very deep, right? This plug is not very deep for it. In contrast, I prefer to see the cylinder, because that is inserted in the relatively deep.

  3. In this video you are doing the butt spreading that I like sooo much. It is so lovely when you pull your butt cheeks apart wih yout hands. I would love to see you fisted in the ass in that position. uhhh yeah.

    ceers and greets Mr. Fister

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