Summer is time of walks… Summer is time of hot ideas…. and with the warm weather the first thing i wish is to feel my pussy free of any cover…. so i used to go out walking but i always need to feel something inside! And few days ago i found in a shop a crazy shaped type of cucumber (yes! is so large and big but it is a cucumber as the girl in shop told me!) and i immediately thought it was perfect for my pussy!!!!! i bought a bunch, just to be sure to have many for many walks….!

But i decided , after long time, to ask my friend to help me to shot a video while i’m around in the city!

I think the result is so exiting ( i was exited myself watching it later! :) )

Light in not always the best but who cares? you can watch me preparing at home , with my short skirt and no underwear and , after short fisting, to fit this big crazy cucumber in my pussy so deep that you barely can see it coming out….

when i felt that it was firmly inside i went out for the walk…. and once come back at home i had to masturbate longly to get out of excitement :)

The material we shooted was a lot, but as any outdoor shooting, it is a mess to join, organize, cut away all random people and child finished in out scenese! :)

So today i publish the first part that is ready and next days i will publish the second part, mostly outdoor, and more difficult to prepare!

I’m sure you will have lot of fun :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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22 thoughts on “hot walk outside with veggie inside :)

  1. So hot, Veniesse! I love the moments preparing, and seeing your pussy open so wide for that huge cucumber! It so made me realise how much you have been missed! Much love, and admiration Cx

    • i’m “pussy specialist” :P :P :P :P and walk around with ass stuffed in real life is ot very comfortable if you use large toys….tried and disliked :)

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