five is a magic number!!!! :) is the number of fingers in a hand.. and you know how much i like the hand!! :) …but it is also the perfect number of cocks i like in gangs! one in my ass and one in pussy… plus my mouth and hands busy!… but i am also sure that with right miracle guys i could make a fabolous pussy penetrations with 5 cocks inside!!!! :) so i couldn’t not to try the magic number with dildoes!!!! At four i arrived alone… and friends… where not little dildoes! so with the help of friend i could deeply insert 5 big dildos in my pussy.. wow :) what emotions!!!!!!

…and for the final i couldn’t miss an anal fist.. always nice way for me to come and finish! :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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12 thoughts on “give me five!

  1. That’s AMAAAZING! I can’t believe how talented you are Veneisse! Now there’s no doubt you have the biggest, most incredible vagina in the world! There really is nothing you can’t do!

    If only more women had your talent! But you’d still be the best!

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