To be forgiven for his absence since long time in my movies, my fisting friend built a stage for me :) On the pedestal he seriously double fisted me realizing the best double punching fisting of the history :) after good dose of fists he helped me to play with some new toys… a big egg-shape plug that fit perfectly in my pussy… and a very large and long red toy with double ball to push deep… :) after some time i felt so good that he started to fist me keeping the big reg toy inside my pussy.. wow :) in while a good dose of anal fisting that give always that “bit more” to my pleasure (and a try with the big red toy anally) !!!!!

so enjoy this new session of extreme mix and tell me what you think :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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37 thoughts on “extreme games on the stage!

  1. Nice new big toys… I appreciate it so much!! Happy to see U doublefisted again and… big red double trouble+hand both inside best moment ever..for me of couse!!

  2. pufff,, how much you have enjoyed this video? you needed your friend? By the way your friend never says anything here? PS.: Really are thinking about taking your mask?, Are not supposed to want to be recognized

  3. Beautyful Veneisse, U know, I’d like to see U get a 2L coke bottle inside Your beautyful pussy like other fan of U, but I know.. it’s impossible 4U to do now(too painful).. I do not see your pussy bleeding, maybe one day :) ….. better for me now see U sitting over 3 male hands, both 3 inside and gape and stratching U over the limits :) :) as U like!! Is your boyfriend ready to implanting himself another arm with big hand?? Byez :kiss:

  4. So beautiflu and delicious vid…damn lucky guy..on time still dreaming about woman with same opened mind willing to explore her limites…Friendly Kisses…and thx

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