Hi!!!! my blog is “donation based”… it means i don’t really ask for membership cause i know it’s not professional services, but i still have costs to keep my videos safe all together on my site!So if you make any donation you will gain full access to my videos for one day for each euro you donate! :)

If you donate more then 15€ you automatically gain full access for MORE then 30 days … (20€ for example is 1 month and 5 days). After donation the access is instantly.

Multiple donations will increase always your full access period in any moment you do it.

Thanks for help to keep this blog online! it’s my joy :)


I don’t want my video are downloaded and posted around.

Any hacking attack will block your account and logged.

Any unallowed re-posting will be persecuted legally.

Zombaio complained me for the high number of “micro-payments” below 10€… so i must increase minimum to 10€! I hope quality of my site anyway motivate you to make this effort! :)