girls are so nice and sexy, but what i feel when i am double fisted by big male hands it’s unique :) so you can again enjoy my progresses playing with two hands in all intense positions… !!!! i’m still have to understand if you prefer male hands or female hands for me! last survey didn’t clarify well :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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11 thoughts on “come back to big male hands !!!!

  1. Great Video Veneisse. The sound of your pussy during the fisting is amazing :-) Regarding your Question: I definitly like everything which stretches your pussy to the limit. Especially when you use objects by your own:-).

  2. How nobody comments? I am a Chinese boy, very much like your approach and want to donate but have not found a way! How about 26 cm challenge?

      • That’s awesome, Veneisse! 26 cm vaginally!!! wow. lol, my first girlfriend was full to the brim as we used a candle. The maximum possible was 14 cm in length. 26 cm is almost the twice of that what my first girlfriend could take!

        Veneisse, it would be very arousing if you could show us your max depth in a new video. thank you beautiful woman

  3. I’d rather see her pussy with male hands. Leave its most burgled pussy. How about trying two male and one female hands together. You feel the horny be coming to the end of the opening of her pussy …

  4. big male fists in pussy ist much better then sweet little girly fists. What do you think about playing different characters, for example adultbaby with Babysitter, cheerleader with trainer, patient with Doctor, housebreaker and victim,…. i would like to see you playing other individuals…. mybe with one more girlfreind…. i hope you think about,


  5. I love when your frien close his hand deep in you and try to pull it out without success juste to stretch your vagin and your lips to the max

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