As i mentioned in previous post after papaya games i tried this new big red … after the effort to insert it, it was even more diffiult to extract! oh damn… for a moment i tought was not able to take it out!!! but then my pussy could realize a real fruit birth! it was amazing feeling but specially amazing to re-watch in video!!!! Inserted it again… i prepared to go out… little dress… no panties, high heels and… party! I spent a couple of hours feeling like i was pregant and when at home i repeated the miracle of birth again… lovely! i love tropical fruits! N.B. The video is still not ready but i was crazy to show you this experience! so, for the occasion, we created a slideshow with my favourite shots! If you’re donator yOu can enjoy it as a slideshow or watching the special album… the video will be ready in two or three days! :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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