Just came back from the holidays but i can say to you that in last days of trip i did a lot of shooting and also i met a new girl friend that you will really like to watch together with me! But above all i must say to you that i decide to come back to my previous hair style! :) Later i will post new video (i choosed one easy to edit and fast to publish!!!!) and for now a picture to watch me in new/old hair style :)

Kisses, Veneisse


Today i loaded on clips4sale (biggest clip site to download lot of fetish things…) some of my videos to allow people to buy rights to download and own a HD (if available) copy of my video as many people requested me.

it’s intended to be a very alternative access to my blog.. nothing to compare :) just an alternative for who is preferring like that!

The link to my clips4sale store is clips4sale.com/68715 … if you want some other of my old videos there, just say and i will schedule publishing …

After my last great evening with Juliette and great video… i asked her to push my limits over and over…. so we started to play hard with two experiments to realize!…two dreams!! to feel her arm deep inside me until the elbow… and.. to try anal fisting and pussy fisting at same time! now i can easily take a fist in ass… i wished really to try the KING of double fisting.. one hand in each hole :) two dreams that is difficult to see around.. !!!

mmh… so i needed very good warm up… and what better training to use the big pink caterpillar!? but you know.. my pussy is so used to it! so why not to try to be fisted while cateripillar is inside :) and.. then… she used that big toy as a strap-on and fucked me so hard doggystyle :)

BUT THEN… AFTER THE WARM UP… SHE DID TO ME THE DEEPEST FISTING EVER GIRL TO GIRL… Well… i can’t call it fisting.. is arming :P :P :P she almost tooked her elbow in my pussy… really missing few millimeters :) and i didn’t want to cut video so much… we kept most of the tries to reach it! and then? satisfied….? NOOOOO…. she could deep fist my ass and cause i felt so good… she also fisted my pussy at same time.. yes.. double fisted in both holes… a real paradise of feelings! and i really had an intense orgasm… you will enjoy any moment :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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