Today i loaded on clips4sale (biggest clip site to download lot of fetish things…) some of my videos to allow people to buy rights to download and own a HD (if available) copy of my video as many people requested me.

it’s intended to be a very alternative access to my blog.. nothing to compare :) just an alternative for who is preferring like that!

The link to my clips4sale store is … if you want some other of my old videos there, just say and i will schedule publishing …

27 thoughts on “alternative way to reach my content…

  1. Yes.If the current price is good for us and for you too. Many people can access your content. He could have downloaded your videos on forums, torrent etc, but I have not done. But if I would like to have a copy. (You do not have internet at all sites, etc, and if your site does not exist tomorrow, I think most people would like to remember your videos). Anyway is a complex issue.

    • The problem is that i don’t actually have a solution to allow to people to download. I can’t simply allow it (bad guys would be simply take all and share) so i must filter it in some way. In the future i wish to allow recurring donators to download limited number of video any month, and this seems to be the best compromise! what do you think?

  2. All clips on that site seem pretty expensive, regardless of who’s posting them. Glad you at least have a way of selling HD video set up. Hope this doesn’t mean you have to start posting less of amazing fisting! o_O

    • that is only a part of what i show here! it’s just a temporary experiment because lot of people asked to me a legal way to own my videos and i started to publish there the ones were more requested…. :)

  3. when inserted (older) videos for download are is great for the paying customer. if it happens then are free to upload videos is definitely not ok the only advantage would be that the web site quickly would very well known because it is simply better than any other what would bring a bigger profit because many also determined immediately want to see the new clips and pay rather than to wait I think

  4. Surely you’ve thought. But I think it’s difficult clipforsale noted, and also the typography is very small and it seems that looms large commission. Have you seen such MYDIRTYHOBBY or similar (if you accept fisting etc etc) and I think it has more affordable prices.? Also the design is more modern

    • for me clips4sare is not a great thing. Mydirtyhobby is even worst because they take 75% (!!!!!) of the sale. I opened the store because many members asked to have chance to own copy of my videos and it was the fastest way to accomplish it! :)

  5. I’m really grateful that u found a passion for fisting and other kinds of play for I share a similar passion in see what a woman can handle and actually enjoy it as I do see or doing it to feel ur hand in side someone els body is incredible so thank u for sharing veneisse

  6. Hi, if you could put/upload the “how much space can be inside me?!? :) ” video on it would be much appreciated, thankyou.

  7. It is perfectly true that Clips4Sale is high-priced, but as someone said, all clips cost a lot on there no matter who posts them. That is to say that for some very ordinary content you can pay a lot of money – and that is certainly expensive.

    But Veneisse’s content is not ordinary. It is probably the only content on there that really is worth the money. So Veniesse’s high price is actually not expensive at all but good value. So, Veneisse, you should stick to what you are doing that works. Only if you want to change your lifestyle entirely do you need to rethink anything.

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