After my last great evening with Juliette and great video… i asked her to push my limits over and over…. so we started to play hard with two experiments to realize!…two dreams!! to feel her arm deep inside me until the elbow… and.. to try anal fisting and pussy fisting at same time! now i can easily take a fist in ass… i wished really to try the KING of double fisting.. one hand in each hole :) two dreams that is difficult to see around.. !!!

mmh… so i needed very good warm up… and what better training to use the big pink caterpillar!? but you know.. my pussy is so used to it! so why not to try to be fisted while cateripillar is inside :) and.. then… she used that big toy as a strap-on and fucked me so hard doggystyle :)

BUT THEN… AFTER THE WARM UP… SHE DID TO ME THE DEEPEST FISTING EVER GIRL TO GIRL… Well… i can’t call it fisting.. is arming :P :P :P she almost tooked her elbow in my pussy… really missing few millimeters :) and i didn’t want to cut video so much… we kept most of the tries to reach it! and then? satisfied….? NOOOOO…. she could deep fist my ass and cause i felt so good… she also fisted my pussy at same time.. yes.. double fisted in both holes… a real paradise of feelings! and i really had an intense orgasm… you will enjoy any moment :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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49 thoughts on “all dreams come true with Juliette…..

  1. Awesome as ever.. beautyful double fisting!! I wanna to see more about that, maybe 2fist in pussy 1 in ass and a elbow fist complete ;)

  2. Could Juliette clap her hands inside you? When she had one in each hole… Did you tried that? Imagine the pleasure Veronika! or try it…

  3. I don’t comment enough here… You are limitless but still so petite and yummy, truly envious of your body and abilities… never stop showing off to us xx

  4. Hi you both , you found together and so ,still learns the teacher from her studend and the studend from her teacher …

    well , i´m still looking forward to three fists or mybe anytime four ones ….

  5. This is unbelievable! I am speechless once again! Totally awesome and super-sexy. Second time I donated and really-really worth it! Anyone who’s only thinking it, please be sure you ‘ll be absolutely satisfied 100%.

    Veneisse I bow before you and your majesty.

  6. World is thanking you for pioneering elbow deep pussy fisting to this milestone. I hope in a couple of years ‘pussy arming’ will be an everyday category in mainstream porn. You totally amaze me Veneisse, you are the Woman-Idol for me. Keep up sharing sexy joy! Kiss

    • Indeed I ‘ve always wondered why never ever before any other woman has attempted to break such a record. It appears that Veneisse is such a genuine fisting lover that noone else can surpass her, or even reach her level at such a young age.

      I can only give an example of record breaking, but then she has already made a duo with veneisse and that’s hotkinkyjo.

      So far I only see some other so called “hardcore” web sites and all the models are only screaming, fake and pretending and stuff alike.

      Then cut the videos, leaving the best part out of the way, giving the viewer nothing fresh.

      • there are probably many women that are able to, but few are willing to record it and share it on the internet, sadly

        i’m just glad veneisse is comfortable and confident enough to share her uh….. passion with us :D

  7. Holy shit i saw a video of you where you went to the mall bought some stuff and stuffed your amazing pussy with it, and then you put something in and yo call somebody? What did you put in there ? Basketball? Watermelon?

    • i think you refer to my old video “aftersupermarket” :) that period (around 1 year ago) i used to go out with a big soap bottle with perfect shape to be locked in !…. but after few weeks the “big soap bottle” was not big enough to be locked in anymore and i stopped to use it!… in the full video you can see very well what type of bottle it is!

  8. Veneisse,

    Another incredible record! If you have not already tried this idea, I think I have a plan to get you fisted to the elbow!

    The fist needs to go in like in the image above. Then, when the hand is curled into a ball, bend the hand at the wrist so the hand is at a right angle to the arm. The only image I could find is this: Which is a bit funny!

    I think you could get another 2 inches this way? Have a go and let us know how you get on?

    I’d like to know accurate measurements of how deep and the circumference of objects you can fit as well. And soo, I think you will have your girlfriends with 4 fists fully inside you!

      • Will you get us some measurements then in the next post please?

        The duck hand trick pics will be amazing, and, I’d like to see how much of a wine bottle you can take. I reckon you could go right down to the thin part of the neck of the bottle?

  9. awesome double fisting, we would enjoy seeing inside you when opened very wide, (with a huge speculum), and well lit for detained viewing of your interior?? also I enjoy seeing your pussy close up after you’ve been double fisted, i like the gaped look??

  10. It is incredible. Why is your pussy so deep? My girlfriend loves fisting too and we use your pics as idiea to try it too. But she is not as deep as you :) . Oh many people here wants to see your stomach move when a fist is in your cunt. it is easy: Lie down on your back – relax and the person who has the hand in you must grab the cervix and push it upwards. My girlfriend says that this tickles :D

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