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  1. another extreme idea is a bit public. sometimes you can fine a small pole (looks a bit like a big dildo) on the sidewalk so cars cannot not park there. Most European cities have these this pole is only 80cm high and 10cm large, so you can sit on it.

  2. Hey Veneisse!

    At first (as greeting): You are a little dirty piece. ^^

    Have three ideas/wishes: 1. Let you fuck with something in you … in the ass with something in the pussy, in the pussy with something in the ass, in the ass with something in the ass, in the pussy with something in the pussy, in the ass with something in the ass and the pussy or in the pussy with something in the pussy and the ass ^^. 2. Let you fuck by feet. 3. Do something with LaylaExtreme.

    PS: Train your ass for doing something with WildAssholeSlut.

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    Nice to meet you here!



  3. Hi I’m a new member. I love fisting, both doing it and seeing it done. Any chance we could have a video where you spread as wide as you can go with all fingers and then have a fist put in while you spread? Also are you able to cervix prolapse and play with it? Thanks for your consideration and keep the great site going.

    • i would love to do that using the right speculum but i have not enough strength in my hands to spread enough to let hand to pass through :) I swear when i gape i use all the power i have… and you know all i can be even larger… but how to do? :) FIND ME THE GIANT JAPANESE SPECULUM!!!!! About cervix…. i’m not a fan of it! :)

      • Just watched my first video as a new member. The one of you self double fisting!! Wow!! More of that please, including finger gaping. No worries about the cervix thing. You are a lady and I would never want anyone to do something they are not comfortable with.

  4. I believe you are an artist with an unusual but very attractiv sexual life. Your boyfriend is the luckiest man on earth. We have same pleasure with my wife, but she’s not as motivated as you to go wild (and large and deep). One very good “toy” we are using and I advice you : butternut squash.

    Enjoy and keep going, limitation are self imposed

  5. Hello veneisse me and my girlfriend LOVE your work..looking forward to some new stuff…she said it would be nice if you put on some lingerie and sexy stuff to spice thing even more…we gonna donate as much money we can to support your work DONT give up!!! luv from croatia <33333

  6. Thank you for sharing with us Veneisse! I’ve only been here a couple days but I love everything about you and your blog! What I like the most is the way that you enjoy what you do – I love it when you get turned on watching yourself! I love that you are an exhibitionist and get so excited playing with yourself and stretching your holes for the camera! Laughing and smiling and moaning and enjoying yourself! You are like an ex-bf of mine – she signed herself ‘Tpw’, ‘Trevor’s princess whore’ – the sweetest, nicest girl outside the bedroom and the exact opposite inside. Keep doing what you love and I hope you keep sharing the results with us! xxx

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