The first time i have seen a pumpkin in a shop i was so little that i only could laugh without “bad” imagination…. but getting teen everytime i was in shops touching a pumpkin i could only think that was amazing natural gift of the nature to women’s happiness :)

So my only doubt when i go to buy veggies.. is “ubaergines or pumpkins”? eggplants are surely the “queen” of veggies to go out with it inside or to sleep.. but pumpkins are simply more efficient feeling for orgasms :) anyway… i never missed both for long time in my sexual life :)

The only copmlicate thing is to explain why my home is always full by them in fridge!

Anyway… enjoy my time with these two big pumpkins… heavy warm up with self fisting and hard play with veggies … ending with a very good looking gape :)

I couldn’t miss to search for the deepest way to take them inside in all positions i could try :P

Kisses to all, Veneisse


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