It was a sunny afternoon last summer and i was walking with Naty around…. i was wearing one of my favuorite light short dress and the wind time to time was moving up it living uncovered my naked pussy… but before going out i choosed a heavy big plug to fill my pussy and enjoy better time :)

Suddenly i had to pee… ! so me and Naty started to search good place to pee and we found a intimate corner with stairs… first problem! … i had to unplug me.. so i asked her to help me to unplug my self (it was big plug!!!)… an i finally could pee… second problem… i got excited !!!!! so i couldn’t resist to ask her to fist me .. and fist me again.. and again.. until i had a nice orgasm in this outdoor view in front of this beatyful lake… !!!

We i was finally satisfied we could keep doing our walk in the jardins :)

P.S. some HD pictures in the premium album just to enjoy :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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I received so many comments about anal or vaginal… so it’s time to make you direct question and let me understand what you really prefer in my movies :)

in movies you prefer extreme vaginal or extreme anal penetrations?

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Since today i want to try to interact with you with some poll… i will do question of any type to better know what you think about sex, me and my site! :)

Let me know what you think about this idea and.. reply to the poll on the right!

would you like me with new big tits ?

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