Hi to all, unluckily these days i was more busy to struggle against attacks to my content then to think about to make new amazing movies! This is very sad cause these few bad guys don’t understand that mine is a little site and their activity only risk to make me to close site for ever….

To “protect” honest people i will change donation system in way to prize proper behaviors: “recurring” donators will be able to download my videos!

I am thinking about the new system so who will be re-new donation before end of period will gain download access to previous movies.

I will post two new great movies tomorrow and in weekend, sorry for this “empty” week.

Today, like i did all the week, i must again prepare new e-mails and letters against people who violate my content.

I now need your support more then ever! To keep this site on it is becoming very hard problem… :(

A big kisses to all my online friends….




As many of you already know… fisting and all its variants is my favourite extreme game :) Well… in this video i extracted best moments from couple of hours of training that i did to prepare hard to my exciting goal: triple fisting! As far as i know no women tried triple fisting involving male hands… even more difficult if there are two male hands! well.. i think nobody went so near to triple fisting like this video :) i trained so hard that you can enjoy many big gapes and my red pussy caused by hard stuffing!!!!!

Kisses, Veneisse


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