Well… some days ago to play new game i asked a friend to let me use his gym and i tried to use all part of it to have fun :)

I don’t think is the most extreme video i did, problem is that gym’s part are not big enough for me.. i had to use a dildo together with gym axis to feel quite full! :)

If you think is nice idea… (really different from any other video i did!) write a comment !

Well… this time at supermarket i went for food :)

The menu was: lot of big size wurstel and eggplant :)

So i played trying to get the biggest number of wurstels inside…but consider each of them is like two fingers of me :) count by yourself how many i could! Then finally my first shot with a eggplant :)

But i couldn’t resist to ask my friend to fist me hard… fisting, double fisting, dildo and fist together….

Enjoy :)

Kisses, Veneisse


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