Well… i want to start training seriously about ass depth and width.. so.. i need your help to find online some good toys with specific features! :)

First of all you must know that i have an allergy to any latex or lattice material and also i can’t use condoms on it because i want to go very deep!… so must be medical material (silicon, nitril, etc..).

First type for depth:  typical double ended dildo, it should be at least 50 cm long and with different widths : 3 cm, 4 and 5 cm (to start!) :)

Second type for width: it should be long at max 20cm ( i want it fully inside and sit on it ) and different widths: 6 cm, 6,5 cm , 7 cm and 7,5 cm (to start…) :)

I want to explore the depth of my body but i need right toys for that :)

DILDO MUST BE FLEXIBLE AND SOFT…. so please send me links ONLY IF YOU TRIED AND TOUCHED IT … don’t fill me by links around about objects you don’t “Know personally” cause i can do by myself this :)

I hope this excite your fantasy, because it excited mine :)

Obviously my training will be shown on blog :)



Well.. i was waiting some days, but.. it’s not a secret anymore cause HJK published on her blog about me :)

Anyway, just to tell the whole thing: in poland we met and have fun… we filmed a short clip (but intense) just for fun… and it was funny yes :) and i filmed a personal solo-clip with Alex Thorn as director… the guy who manage her site and others… my curiosity was firstly to meet hotkinkyjo… really i was excited about her :) and with occasion i was curios to try professional way to film.. to know secrets “behind the scenes” … know the feeling i could have to film in so different way.

Who is curios can ask me directly about my opinion and sensactions about it… ¬†anyway i can only say that probably i will never film again professionally! i’m too much linked to idea that i can film when i have fun about sex, but i can’t have sex just to film :)

A part this i am very happy to have met these people … hotkinkyjo is nice and extreme like in video :) and Alex is very kinf and professional.. and opened my naive eyes about all pro-world :) A great experience in my curios life!